Medical Tourism Survey – Consumer Demand Analysis

Medical Tourism Survey – Consumer Demand Analysis


Medical Tourism Demand Analysis Research Insights

The Medical Tourism Demand Survey Research is based on a GLOBAL sample of potential medical tourists.

  • Understanding consumer behavior
  • Reasons of choosing healthcare locally
  • Reasons of choosing healthcare abroad
  • What are favorite medical travel destinations
  • Type of treatment demand and price sensitivity
  • Complementary vs. complimentary services.
  • Gender and age based medical travel preferences

Medical Tourism Survey – Consumer Demand Analysis

Medical Tourism Survey – What Do Healthcare Consumers Want?

The Medical Tourism Survey focuses on understanding healthcare consumer’s specific needs, perceptions, and desires, and how to map them to develop and customize medical travel solutions in order to survive in the highly competitive marketplace.

The research summarizes survey results from both who have already traveled abroad for medical care, and from the people who are considering going overseas for healthcare. The analysis includes the what, how, where, when, who and which of the perceived medical travelers.

Consumers are increasingly seeking healthcare solutions that fit their budget, treatment options, and buying preferences. How will medical provider, regional clusters, and/or government entity, customize their medical tourism program to meet the consumer needs successfully?

Lead Researcher Pramod Goel
Pramod Goel is the CEO and founder of PlacidWay and Author of “Evolution of Medical Tourism: From Cottage Industry to Corporate World”


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